ISD527 Clutch Cover Nissan TD42/ ED33 / Isuzu 4BE1

SKU: ISD527 Categories: ,
SKU: ISD527 Categories: ,


  • Outer diameter [mm]:278
  • Inner diameter [mm]:174
  • Bolt Hole Circle ? [mm]:320

Oe code

  • AISIN CN-302
  • EXEDY ISC567
  • ISUZU – NISSAN 30210-C6000
  • NISSAN 30210-01J00
  • NISSAN 30210-01J50
  • NISSAN 30210-04D00
  • NISSAN 30210-0T000
  • NISSAN 30210-0T002
  • NISSAN 30210-32J00
  • NISSAN 30210-32J02
  • NISSAN 30210-C8000
  • NISSAN 30210-VB601
  • NISSAN 30210-VB602


  • SORA


ISD527 Clutch Cover Nissan TD42/ ED33 / Isuzu 4BE1

  • Nissan Atlas, FGH40, H41, SGH40, SQH40
  • Nissan Civilian, BGW40, FGW40, FW40, MGW40, RAW40, RGW40, RW40, RYW40
  • Nissan Patrol, 160, Y60, Y61
  • Nissan Safari, BRG161, FG161, FGY60, R161, RG161, VRGY60, VRY60, WGY60, WRGY60, WRY60, WYY60

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