GWT-79A Water Pump Toyota 3L/5L

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SKU: GWT-79A Categories: , , ,


  • Overall Height [mm]:116
  • Number of mounting bores:4
  • Mounting bores distance [mm]:44

Oe code

  • Toyota 16100-59255
  • Toyota 16100-59257
  • Toyota 16100-59155


  • Sora


GWT-79A Water Pump Toyota 3L/5L

  • Toyota 4Runner, LN106, LN107, LN111, LN130, LN205
  • Toyota Dyna, LY100, LY102, LY112, LY122, LY132, LY152, LY162, LY202, LY211, LY212, LY220, LY225, LY230, LY235, LY240, Ly270, LY280, LY290
  • Toyota Fortuner, LAN155, LAN50
  • Toyota Hiace, LH100, LH100G, LH102, LH102V, LH103, LH103V, LH104, LH105, LH107, LH107G, LH107W, LH108, LH109, ??LH109V, LH110, LH110G, LH115H, LH3V , LH118, LH119, LH119V, LH120, LH120G, LH123, LH123V, LH125, LH129, LH129V, LH154, LH162, LH162V, LH164, LH166, LH168, LH168V, LH172H17, LH178V, LH172H17, , LH182K, LH184, LH186, LH188, LH188K, LH104L
  • Toyota Hilux, LAN125, LAN15, LAN25, LAN35, LN106, LN107, LN108, LN111, LN112, LN130, LN131, LN140, LN141, LN145, LN146, LN147, LN150, LN152, LN155, LN166, LN171 , LN172, LN190, LN191, LN192, LN200, LN205
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, LJ90, LJ95
  • Toyota Land Cruiser, LJ90, LJ95
  • Toyota Mark II Wagon Qualis, LF50
  • Toyota Quick Delivery, LY228, LY270
  • Toyota Regius Ace, LH100, LH102, LH103, LH107, LH109, ??LH110, LH113, LH115, LH117, LH119, LH120, LH123, LH125, LH129, LH162, LH162V, LH168, LH172KH17, LH172H17 LH182, LH182K, LH184, LH186, LH188, LH188K
  • Toyota TUV, LF61, LF81, LF85
  • Toyota ToyoAce, LY102, LY112, LY122, LY132, LY152, LY162, LY202, LY212, LY220, LY230, LY240, LY270, LY280, LY290

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