F82A-15-200 Radiator Assy Toyota MAZDA ongo (ATM)

SKU: F82A-15-200 Categories: , ,
SKU: F82A-15-200 Categories: , ,


  • Cooling fins material:Aluminium
  • Radiator type:Brazed cooling fins
  • Water tank material (radiator):Plastic
  • Core Dimensions: 350x 538 mm
  • Supplementary Article/Info 2:without frame

Oe code

  • Mazda?FF04-15-200A
  • MAZDA ERW-15-200B
  • MAZDA F04-15-200
  • MAZDA 82B-15-200D
  • MAZDA 82B-15-200A
  • MAZDA 82A-15-200C


  • SORA


F82A-15-200 Radiator Assy Toyota MAZDA ongo (ATM)

If you want the radiator top cover(radiator top tank) only, please search the number DC-RTC-F8

  • MAZDA ongo Brawny, SK24L, SK24T, SK26L, SK26T, SK54L, SK54T, SK54V, SK56L, SK56M, SK56T, SK56V, SK5HM, SK5HV, SKE4T, SKE6T, SKE6V, SKF6M, SKF6V, SKFHM, SKFHV
  • MAZDA ongo, SK22L, SK22M, SK22T, SK22V, SK82L, SK82M, SK82V, SKF2L, SKF2M, SKF2T, SKF2V

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