SKU: EE-HR11OE Category:
SKU: EE-HR11OE Category:


  • Function Electric line
  •>Output. wire>Power Voltage210KW/240V
  • Socket3x3
  • LED Light power-
  • GW/NW5.5Kg/4.5Kg
  • Package Size(mm.10
  • Air outlet pipe. length(M)
  • Specs of the pipe.
  • Working Pressure. Bar)
  • Matenal of double-layer pipe.
  • Light Air hose reel.
  • Light Electric line hose reel.
  • Light light line hose reel.
  • Fiberglass housing Size

Oe code


  • SORA


EE-HR11OE HOSE reel. n
‘- The central axis and other rotating parts are all made of brass, which ensure its friction resistance, good handling for stretch out and draw back

– The side plate is made of alloy steel, and is solid, durable and no deformation

– The quick coupling is made of brass, and is strong, durable, easy to connect and with long service life.nd it?s applicable to all kinds of standard connector

– The shell is made of high quality engineering plastic with module production, which ensure its beautiful appearance, impact can be ensured, aging resistance and

long service life

– The hose material is made of advanced polyether so that ensure its good water resistance, aging resistance and long service life

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