90915-YZZD2-2 Oil Filter

SKU: 90915-YZZD2-2 Categories: , ,
SKU: 90915-YZZD2-2 Categories: , ,


  • Structure Material Metal
  • Thread 3/4″x16 UNF
  • O-Ring gasket 64×71 rnd
  • Height 85
  • ? Out 74
  • Valves 1.0 bar/1
  • type Full Flow
  • Location Eng.Lub.Sys No.2 Filter

Oe code


  • Toyota


90915-YZZD2-2 Oil Filter

05.00~06.03 RZU306M Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
05.00~06.04 RZU300M Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FPE
05.00~05.07 RZU340M Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
06.03~06.04 RZU300M Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
06.03~05.07 RZU301M Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FPE
07.04~ KDY230 Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
05.99~12.01 RZU100X Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FPE
08.96~07.01 MCV20 Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
07.01~03.06 MCV30R Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
07.03~03.06 MCV31 Eng: 3.3L 3MZ-FE
03.93~08.97 JZS147 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
08.97~01.05 JZS160 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
01.99~07.05 GXE10 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
01.98~02.03 MCU10 Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
01.98~02.03 MCU15 Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
02.03~01.06 MCU35 Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
02.03~02.06 MCU38 Eng: 3.3L 3MZ-FE
02.03~02.06 MCU33 Eng: 3.3L 3MZ-FE
01.06~01.09 GSU35 Eng: 3.5L 2GR-FE
03.05~12.08 MHU33 Eng: 3.3L 3MZ-FE
03.05~12.08 MHU38 Eng: 3.3L 3MZ-FE
Toyota 4 Runner
08.88~11.95 VZN130 Eng: 3.0L 3VZ-E
08.88~11.95 VZN110 Eng: 3.0L 3VZ-E
08.88~08.97 RN110L Eng: 2.4L 22R-E
08.88~08.97 RN110R Eng: 2.4L 22R-E
08.89~11.95 VZN120 Eng: 3.0L 3VZ-E
08.93~03.96 RZN130 Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
11.95~08.02 VZN180L Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE
11.95~11.02 RZN180 Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
11.95~12.02 VZN185 Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE
11.95~12.02 RZN185 Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
11.09~08.11 TRN280L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
Toyota Alphard
05.02~01.08 MNH10 Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
05.02~04.08 MNH15W Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
Toyota Altezza
10.98~07.05 GXE10 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
06.01~07.05 GXE10W Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
06.01~07.05 JCE10W Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
06.01~07.05 JCE15W Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
01.02~07.05 GXE15W Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
Toyota Aristo
10.91~08.97 JZS147 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-G#E
10.91~08.97 JZS147 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GTE
01.97~01.05 JZS160 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
08.97~01.05 JZS161 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GTE
Toyota Auris
10.06~10.12 NDE150L Eng: 1.4L 1ND-TV
Toyota Avalon
06.94~08.99 MCX10L Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
08.99~01.05 MCX20L Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
Toyota Brevis
01.01~06.07 JCG15 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-FSE
05.01~06.07 JCG10 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-FSE
05.01~06.07 JCG11 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-FSE
Toyota Camry
01.87~12.91 VZV21R Eng: 2.5L 2VZ-FE
08.93~08.96 MCV10 Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
08.96~08.01 MCV20L Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
08.01~11.06 MCV30L Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
08.02~06.06 MCV36 Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
09.03~02.06 MCV31L Eng: 3.3L 3MZ-FE
Toyota Camry Gracia
12.96~09.01 MCV21 Eng: 2.5L 2MZ-FE E.F.I.
06.97~09.01 MCV25W Eng: 2.5L 2MZ-FE
Toyota Camry Prominent
04.87~07.90 VZV20 Eng: 2.0L 1VZ-FE
07.90~06.92 VZV30 Eng: 2.0L 1VZ-FE
07.90~06.92 VZV31 Eng: 2.0L 1VZ-FE
07.90~06.92 VZV32 Eng: 2.5L 4VZ-FE
05.91~06.94 VZV33 Eng: 2.5L 4VZ-FE
Toyota Celica
10.86~08.89 ST165 Eng: 2.0L 3S-GTE
Toyota Chaser
08.84~08.88 GX71 Eng: 2.0L 1G-EU
10.85~08.88 GX71 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GTE
08.86~08.88 GX71 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GEU
08.88~08.90 GX81 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GTE
08.88~08.90 GX81 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GZE
08.88~10.92 GX81 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GE
08.88~12.95 GX81 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
08.89~10.92 MX83 Eng: 3.0L 7M-GE
08.90~02.93 JZX81 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-G#E
08.90~09.96 JZX81 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GTE
10.92~09.96 GX90 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
10.92~09.96 JZX90 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-G##
10.93~09.96 JZX91 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
10.93~09.96 JZX93 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
08.96~06.01 JZX100 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
08.96~07.01 GX100 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
09.96~07.01 JZX100 (TOURER V) Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GTE
09.96~07.01 JZX101 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
09.96~07.01 JZX105 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
08.98~07.01 GX105 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
Toyota Coaster
05.82~01.93 RB20 Eng: 2.4L 22R
08.84~08.88 RB26 Eng: 2.4L 22R
01.17~ TRB60 Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
01.17~ TRB70 Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
Toyota Corolla
08.04~02.07 NDE120L Eng: 1.4L 1ND-TV
11.06~04.13 NDE150L Eng: 1.4L 1ND-TV
Toyota Cressida
08.84~12.92 MX73L Eng: 2.8L 5M-GE
Toyota Cresta
08.84~08.88 GX71 Eng: 2.0L 1G-EU
10.85~08.88 GX71 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GTEU E.F.I.
08.86~08.88 GX71 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GEU
08.88~08.90 GX81 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GTE
08.88~08.90 GX81 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GZE
08.88~10.92 GX81 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
08.88~10.92 GX81 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GEU
08.89~10.92 MX83 Eng: 3.0L 7M-GE
08.90~10.92 JZX81 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
08.90~09.96 JZX81 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GTE
10.92~01.96 GX90 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
10.92~09.96 JZX90 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
10.92~09.96 JZX90 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GTE
10.93~09.96 JZX93 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
09.96~06.01 GX100 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
09.96~07.01 JZX100 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
09.96~07.01 JZX101 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
09.96~07.01 JZX105 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
09.96~07.01 JZX100 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GTE
08.98~06.01 GX105 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
Toyota Crown
08.83~08.87 GS126V Eng: 2.0L 1G-EU
08.83~08.87 MS120 Eng: 2.0L M-PU
08.83~08.87 GS120G Eng: 2.0L 1G-EU
09.84~08.87 MS125GT Eng: 3.0L 6M-GEU
09.85~08.87 GS121 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GEU
09.85~08.87 GS121 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GZE
08.87~08.89 GS130 Eng: 2.0L 1G-E
09.87~08.89 GS130G Eng: 2.0L 1G-EU
09.87~08.89 GS131 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GE
09.87~08.89 GS136V Eng: 2.0L 1G-E
09.87~10.91 GS131 Eng: 2.0L 1GE
09.87~10.91 GS130G Eng: 2.0L 1G-GZE
09.87~10.91 GS131 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GZE
09.87~10.91 MS135 Eng: 3.0L 7M-GE
09.87~10.91 MS137 Eng: 3.0L 7M-GE
09.87~04.99 MS130 Eng: 2.0L
01.88~11.01 JZS133R Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
09.88~11.95 GS130G Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
09.88~12.95 GS130 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
08.89~12.95 GS131R Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
08.89~12.95 GS130 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GPE
08.89~04.99 GS136V Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
08.90~12.95 JZS131 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
08.90~04.99 JZS130G Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
10.91~12.95 GS131H Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
10.91~12.95 JZS135 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
10.91~12.95 JZS133L Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
10.91~12.95 JZS133 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
08.93~07.95 GS141 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
08.95~08.01 JZS151 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
08.95~08.01 JZS153 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
08.95~12.01 GS151H Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
12.95~09.98 GS130W Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
12.95~08.00 GS151 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
12.95~02.01 GS151 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GPE
12.95~12.01 JZS155L Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
08.99~12.03 GS171 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
09.99~12.03 JZS179 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
09.99~06.07 JZS175W Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-FSE
01.00~12.03 JZS175R Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
08.01~12.03 JKS175 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-FSE
Toyota Crown Comfort
12.95~10.02 GXS10 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GPE
08.01~08.07 GXS12 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
10.02~08.08 GBS12 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
Toyota Crown Majesta
10.91~08.95 JZS141 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
10.91~08.95 JZS147 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
10.91~08.95 JZS149 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
10.91~08.95 JZS145 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
10.91~08.95 JZS143 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
01.95~12.01 JZS155 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
01.99~01.04 JZS173 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
09.99~12.03 JZS171 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-G##
09.99~12.03 JZS171W Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-G##
09.99~12.03 JZS175 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-FSE
09.99~07.04 JZS177 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-FSE
09.99~07.04 UZS177 Eng: 4.0L 1UZ-FE
12.99~06.07 JZS173W Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
Toyota Dyna
05.00~05.07 RZU300 Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
05.00~05.07 RZU340 Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
07.01~ TRY220 Eng: 2.0L 1TR-FE
07.01~08.03 RZY230 Eng: 2.0L 1RZ-E
07.01~08.03 LY280 Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
07.01~08.04 LY230 Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FPE
07.01~08.07 RZY220 Eng: 2.0L 1RZ-E
08.01~ TRY230 Eng: 2.0L 1TR-FE
10.01~09.07 KDY240V Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
12.02~06.04 RZU300 Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FPE
06.03~05.07 RZU301 Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FPE
08.03~08.07 RZY231H Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FPE
08.03~08.07 RZY281H Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FPE
07.04~09.07 KDY230 Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
08.04~09.07 KDY220 Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
08.04~09.07 KDY270 Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
08.04~09.07 KDY280 Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
08.04~09.07 KDY290V Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
09.06~02.15 KDY221R Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
01.07~ KDY271 Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
01.07~ KDY281 Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
09.07~ KDY231L Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
09.07~ KDY221 Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
09.07~ KDY241V Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
07.10~ KDY231 Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
08.21~ GDY231R Eng: 2.8L 1GD-FTV
Toyota Dyna 150
07.01~ KDY231R Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
09.06~09.11 KDY221 Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
Toyota Dyna 200 Toyoace G25
05.95~05.00 RZU100A Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FP
05.95~12.03 RZU100 Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
08.97~05.00 RZU140 Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
Toyota Dyna 350
01.09~ YT54Y Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
Toyota Estima
01.92~12.99 TCR20W Eng: 2.4L 2TZ-FE
08.93~12.99 TCR10W Eng: 2.4L 2TZ-FE
12.99~01.06 MCR30W Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
12.99~01.06 MCR40W Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
Toyota Estima Emina
05.90~08.94 TCR11W Eng: 2.4L 2TZ-FE
05.90~08.94 TCR21W Eng: 2.4L 2TZ-FE
05.90~12.99 TCR11W Eng: 2.4L 2TZ-FZE
01.92~12.99 TCR11G Eng: 2.4L 2TZ-FE
01.92~12.99 TCR10G Eng: 2.4L 2TZ-FE
01.92~12.99 TCR21G Eng: 2.4L 2TZ-FE
01.92~12.99 TCR20G Eng: 2.4L 2TZ-FE
08.94~12.99 TCR21W Eng: 2.4L 2TZ-FZE
Toyota FJ Cruiser
07.07~ GSJ15L Eng: 4.0L 1GR-FE
Toyota Fortuner
01.05~ TGN61R Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
01.05~08.07 TGN51R Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
01.05~07.11 GGN60 Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
01.05~07.11 TGN65 Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
01.05~04.12 KUN50 Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
01.05~04.12 TGN51L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
01.05~04.16 KUN60L Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
01.05~08.16 KUN51R Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
02.05~12.15 GGN50R Eng: 4.0L 1GR-FE
01.06~01.12 KUN51L Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
10.08~07.11 GGN60 COL Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
07.15~ GUN165L Eng: 2.4L 2GD-FTV
07.15~ GUN156R Eng: 2.8L 1GD-FTV
07.15~ GUN156L Eng: 2.8L 1GD-FTV
01.16~ TGN166R Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
01.16~ TGN166L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
01.16~ GUN155R Eng: 2.4L 2GD-FTV
01.16~ TGN156L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
05.16~ TGN156R Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
Toyota Granvia
10.05~ VCH38S Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE
Toyota Granvia Grand Hiace
08.95~04.98 RCH11W Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
05.97~05.02 VCH10W Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE
05.97~05.02 VCH16W Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE
07.99~05.02 VCH22K Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE
07.99~05.02 VCH28K Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE
Toyota Harrier
01.97~02.03 MCU15W Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
12.97~02.03 MCU10W Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
02.03~01.06 MCU35W Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
02.03~06.06 MCU30W Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
02.03~06.06 MCU31W Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
02.03~06.06 MCU36W Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
03.05~06.12 MHU38 Eng: 3.3L 3MZ-FE
01.06~12.08 GSU36W Eng: 3.5L 2GR-FE
Toyota Hiace
06.90~06.96 RHZ102 Eng: 2.0L 1RZ-E
06.90~06.96 RHZ112 Eng: 2.0L 1RZ-E
04.96~05.06 RCH23L Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
04.98~08.04 RCH13 Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
08.01~11.11 KLH12R Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
08.03~01.05 TRH122K Eng: 2.0L 1TR-FE
08.03~01.05 TRH124B Eng: 2.0L 1TR-FE
08.04~05.12 KDH222R Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
01.05~ TRH203R Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
01.05~ TRH223B Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
01.05~ KDH201R Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
01.05~09.07 KDH202R Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
01.05~09.13 KDH202L Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
01.05~02.14 KDH200R Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
01.05~02.14 KDH203R Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
01.05~02.14 KDH223R Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
01.05~02.14 TRH221R Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
01.05~02.14 TRH221L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
08.05~ TRH223L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
02.06~01.14 KDS200 Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
09.07~01.14 KDS202 Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
01.13~ KDH212R Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
02.19~ GDH301L Eng: 2.8L 1GD-FTV
02.19~ GDH320R Eng: 2.8L 1GD-FTV
02.19~ GDH300R Eng: 2.8L 1GD-FTV
03.19~ GDH322R Eng: 2.8L 1GD-FTV
03.19~ GDH322L Eng: 2.8L 1GD-FTV
Toyota Hiace Commuter
08.93~07.03 RZH124B Eng: 2.0L 1RZ-E
08.98~07.03 RZU125B Eng: 2.4L 2RZ-E
08.03~11.05 TRH124B Eng: 2.0L 1TR-FE
07.04~08.10 KDH227B Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
01.05~ KDH222R Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
01.06~ TRH223R Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
01.06~12.13 TRH213R Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
09.07~ KDH223B Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
Toyota Hiace Regius
08.89~07.03 RZH112V Eng: 2.0L 1RZ-E
08.89~07.03 RZH124B Eng: 2.0L 1RZ-#
08.89~08.03 RZH112K Eng: 2.0L 1RZ-#
08.89~02.08 RZH101G Eng: 2.4L 2RZ-E
08.95~07.99 RZH133V Eng: 2.4L 2RZ-E
08.95~08.02 RZH111G Eng: 2.4L 2RZ-E
08.98~08.03 RZH125B Eng: 2.4L 2RZ-E
12.00~08.04 RZH183K Eng: 2.0L 2RZ-E
08.03~08.04 TRH112K Eng: 2.0L 1TR-FE
08.03~08.04 TRH112V Eng: 2.0L 1TR-FE
08.03~08.04 TRH102V Eng: 2.0L 1TR-FE
08.03~12.13 KDH205V Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
08.04~08.07 KDH200K Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
01.05~08.07 KDH225K Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
01.05~08.07 KDH227B Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
01.05~09.07 KDH220K Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
01.05~09.07 KDH222B Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
09.07~ KDH206K Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
09.07~ KDH201K Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
09.07~10.17 KDH201V Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
09.07~11.17 KDH221K Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
08.09~ KDH211K Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
07.10~ KDH206V Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
Toyota Hiace Regius Touring
01.97~05.02 RCH47W Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
04.97~05.02 RCH41W Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
06.97~05.02 RCH42V Eng: 2.0L 3RZ-FE
Toyota Hiace Touring
08.99~01.02 RCH41W Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
08.99~01.02 RCH47W Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
Toyota Hiace Van
08.89~08.05 RZH115L Eng: 2.4L 2RZ-E
08.89~02.06 RZH102 Eng: 2.0L 1RZ-E
01.05~02.14 KDH221R Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
Toyota Highlander
08.03~05.07 MCU28 Eng: 3.3L 3MZ-FE
01.07~08.10 GVU48 Eng: 3.3L 3MZ-FE
08.07~08.10 MHU48L Eng: 3.3L 3MZ-FE
Toyota Hilux
08.97~08.99 RZN167 Eng: 2.0L 1RZ-E
08.97~02.05 RZN149R Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-F
08.97~08.05 RZN142L Eng: 2.0L 1RZ-E
08.97~11.05 RZN168 Eng: 2.4L 2RZ-FE
08.97~11.05 RZN144R Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-F
08.97~11.05 RZN144L Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
08.97~03.06 RZN147 Eng: 2.0L 1RZ-E
08.97~03.06 RZN149L Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-F
11.97~08.01 RZN173 Eng: 2.4L 2RZ-FE
07.98~04.05 RZN169R Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
07.98~04.05 RZN169L Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-#E
08.99~08.03 RZN152H Eng: 2.0L 1RZ-E
08.99~08.03 RZN174H Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
08.01~08.05 KDN165 Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
08.01~08.05 KDN145 Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
01.04~10.11 KUN36L Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
01.04~01.18 TGN36L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
01.04~01.18 TGN36R Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
05.04~12.15 KUN36R Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
08.04~09.08 KUN15R Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
08.04~12.08 TGN26L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
08.04~02.15 KUN16R Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
08.04~04.15 KUN26R Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
01.05~10.15 KUN35L Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
02.05~12.15 TGN15L Eng: 2.0L 1TR-FE
02.05~12.15 KUN25L Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
03.05~01.16 KUN25R Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
04.05~01.19 TGN36L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
10.05~04.15 TGN11L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
10.05~09.16 KUN15L Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
08.08~07.11 TGN16 Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
07.11~ KUN35R Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
07.11~04.15 KUN26L Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
07.11~04.15 TGN16L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
01.15~ KUN122L Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
01.15~ TGN120L Eng: 2.0L 1TR-FE
05.15~ GUN123R Eng: 2.8L 1GD-FTV
05.15~ GUN136L Eng: 2.8L 1GD-FTV
05.15~ GUN112 Eng: 2.4L 2GD-FTV
05.15~ GUN126L Eng: 2.8L 1GD-FTV
05.15~ GUN136R Eng: 2.8L 1GD-FTV
05.15~ GUN125L Eng: 2.4L 2GD-FTV
05.15~ KUN135L Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
05.15~ KUN135R Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
05.15~ GUN125R Eng: 2.4L 2GD-FTV
05.15~ GUN126R Eng: 2.8L 1GD-FTV
05.15~ TGN136L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
05.15~ GUN122 Eng: 2.4L 2GD-FTV
05.15~ GUN135R Eng: 2.4L 2GD-FTV
05.15~ KUN112 Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
05.15~07.17 KUN125R Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
05.15~07.17 KUN126L Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
05.15~01.18 KUN126R Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
06.15~ TGN121L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
06.15~ TGN121R Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
11.15~ TGN126L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
07.16~ TGN128L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
07.16~ TGN138L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
09.18~ GUN120R Eng: 2.4L 2GD-FTV
01.21~ TGN127L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
Toyota Hilux Surf
01.88~01.97 VZN130G Eng: 3.0L 3VZ-E
11.95~11.02 VZN185W Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE
11.95~11.02 RZN185W Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
07.98~11.02 VZN180W Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE
07.98~11.02 RZN180W Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
10.02~08.04 RZN210W Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
11.02~08.04 RZN215W Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
11.02~08.05 VZN210W Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE
11.02~08.05 VZN215W Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE
Toyota Innova
02.03~07.11 TGN40L Eng: 2.0L 1TR-FE
08.04~03.16 KUN40R Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
01.05~03.16 KUN40L Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
07.11~ TGN41R Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
07.11~03.16 TGN40R Eng: 2.0L 1TR-FE
11.11~ TGN41L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
11.15~ TGN141L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
04.16~ GUN143L Eng: 2.8L 1GD-FTV
Toyota Kluger
01.00~08.08 MCU25W Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
11.00~05.07 MCU20W Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
03.05~05.07 MHU28W Eng: 3.3L 3MZ-FE
Toyota Land Cruiser
09.90~04.94 RJ73LV Eng: 2.4L 22R
09.90~03.96 RJ73 Eng: 2.4L 22R
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
04.96~09.02 KZJ95L Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
04.96~10.02 VZJ95R Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE E.F.I.
04.96~10.02 VZJ90W Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE
04.96~10.02 RZJ90 Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
04.96~11.02 RZJ95W Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
04.96~11.02 RZJ95L Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
04.96~10.03 VZJ95L Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE
04.97~09.02 RZJ95R Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120
09.02~08.05 VZJ120W Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE
09.02~08.05 VZJ121 Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE
09.02~08.05 VZJ125 Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE
09.02~08.09 RZJ120 Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
09.02~08.09 RZJ125 Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
08.04~08.09 KDJ120R Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150
01.09~ TRJ152L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
08.09~ TRJ150L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
08.09~08.17 KDJ150L Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
08.13~ KDJ155L Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
06.15~ GDJ150 Eng: 2.8L 1GD-FTV
06.15~ GDJ155 Eng: 2.8L 1GD-FTV
08.17~ KDJ150L Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
Toyota Lexus GS (Aristo)
06.93~06.98 JSE70 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
06.97~ JZS160 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
06.98~ JZS147 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
04.05~ not stated Eng: 3.0L 3GR-FSE
Toyota Lexus IS (Altezza)
06.98~ GXE110 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
07.00~ not stated Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
Toyota Lexus RX (Harrier)
06.00~01.06 MCU15 Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE E.F.I.
01.06~01.09 MCU Eng: 3.3L 3MZ-FE
01.06~01.09 GYL Eng: 3.3L 3MZ-FE
Toyota Mark II
08.84~08.88 GX71 Eng: 2.0L 1G-EU
11.84~08.88 GX70G Eng: 2.0L 1G-EU
11.84~10.88 GX70G Eng: 2.0L 1G-EU
10.85~08.88 GX71 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GTE
08.86~08.88 GX71 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GEU
08.88~08.90 GX81 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GTE
08.88~08.90 GX81 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GZE
08.88~10.92 GX81 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GE
08.88~10.93 GX81 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
10.88~04.97 GX70G Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
10.88~04.97 GX70G Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
08.89~10.92 MX83 Eng: 3.0L 7M-GE
08.90~10.92 JZX81 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
08.90~09.96 JZX81 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GTE
01.92~09.96 JZX93 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
10.92~09.96 JZX90 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
10.92~09.96 JZX91 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
10.92~09.96 GX90 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
09.96~10.00 GX100 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
09.96~10.00 JZX105 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
09.96~07.01 JZX100 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
09.96~07.01 JZX101 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
08.98~01.01 GX105 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
10.00~11.04 JZX115 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
10.00~06.07 GX115 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
10.00~06.07 GX110 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
10.00~06.07 JZX115W Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-FSE
Toyota Mark II Wagon Blit
01.00~06.07 JZX110 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-##E
10.00~11.04 GX115 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
10.00~06.07 GX110W Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
01.02~06.07 GX115W Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
01.02~09.07 JZX115W Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-FSE
Toyota Mark II Wagon Qualis
04.97~12.01 MCV21W Eng: 2.5L 2MZ-FE
04.97~12.01 MCV25W Eng: 2.5L 2MZ-FE
04.97~12.01 MCV20W Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
Toyota Origin
08.00~04.01 JCG17 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
Toyota Previa
01.90~12.99 TCR10L Eng: 2.4L 2TZ-FE
01.90~12.99 TCR20L Eng: 2.4L 2TZ-FE
05.90~12.99 TCR11L Eng: 2.4L 2TZ-FE
Toyota Probox
06.02~08.07 NLP51V Eng: 1.4L 1ND-TV
Toyota Progres
05.98~04.01 JCG11 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
05.98~06.07 JCG10 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
05.98~06.07 JCG10 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-FSE
05.98~06.07 JCG15 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GE
04.01~06.07 JCG11 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-FSE
Toyota Pronard
02.00~07.07 MCX20 Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
Toyota Quick Delivery
01.00~06.03 BU280K Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FPE
06.03~10.06 RZU280K Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FP
06.03~10.06 XZU281K Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FP
Toyota Quick Delivery 100-200
06.04~ RZU280K Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FPE
06.04~ RZU281K Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FPE
Toyota Scepter
07.92~07.96 VCV15W Eng: 3.0L 3VZ-FE
10.92~08.96 VCV10 Eng: 3.0L 3VZ-FE
10.93~07.96 VCV15 Eng: 3.0L 3VZ-FE
Toyota Sienna
08.97~01.03 MCL10L Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
01.03~12.06 MCL20 Eng: 3.3L 3MZ-FE
01.03~12.06 MCL25 Eng: 3.3L 3MZ-FE
Toyota Soarer
01.86~01.89 GZ20 Eng: 2.0L 1G-EU
01.86~05.91 GZ20 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GEU
01.86~05.91 GZ20 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GTE
01.86~05.91 MZ20 Eng: 3.0L 7M-GTEU
01.86~05.91 MZ21 Eng: 3.0L 7M-GTEU
01.89~05.91 GZ20 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
05.91~01.94 JZZ30 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GTE
01.94~03.01 JZZ31 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
Toyota Solara coupe (USA)
06.98~07.02 MCV20L Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
07.03~12.08 MCV31L Eng: 3.3L 3MZ-FE
Toyota Starlet
12.86~12.89 NP76V Eng: 1.5L 1N
12.89~01.96 NP81L Eng: 1.5L 1N
01.92~09.95 NP80 Eng: 1.5L 1N
01.96~07.99 NP70 Eng: 1.5L 1N
Toyota Supra
02.86~08.88 GA70 Eng: 2.0L 1G-EU
02.86~08.90 MA70 Eng: 3.0L 7M-GTEU
02.86~05.93 GA70 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GEU
08.87~05.93 GA70 Eng: 2.0L 1G-GTE
08.87~05.93 GA70H Eng: 2.0L 1G-GTE
08.88~08.90 GA70 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
08.90~05.93 JZA70 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-GTE
05.93~08.02 JZA80 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GTE
05.93~08.02 JZA80 Eng: 3.0L 2JZ-GE
Toyota T100
08.94~07.98 VCK21L Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE
Toyota Tacoma (USA)
01.94~01.04 RZN171 Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
01.95~01.04 RZN140 Eng: 2.4L 2RZ-FE
01.95~09.04 VZN170 Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE
02.98~09.04 RZN196 Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
02.98~12.05 VZN195L Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE
08.98~09.04 RZN191 Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
09.00~09.04 RZN150 Eng: 2.4L 2RZ-FE
09.04~08.14 TRN220L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
09.04~09.19 TRN265L Eng: 2.7L 2TR-FE
Toyota Toyo Ace Truck
05.95~05.00 RZU100A Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
05.95~05.00 RZU100H Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FP
05.99~05.00 RZU100H Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FE
08.03~08.07 RZH231H Eng: 2.7L 3RZ-FPE
09.07~07.10 KDY271 Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
Toyota Tundra
02.99~08.04 VCK40L Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE
02.99~08.04 VCK30 Eng: 3.4L 5VZ-FE
Toyota Verossa
07.01~04.04 JZX110 Eng: 2.5L 1JZ-##E
07.01~05.04 GX110 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
07.01~05.04 GX115 Eng: 2.0L 1G-FE
Toyota Windom
10.91~08.96 VCV10 Eng: 3.0L 3VZ-FE
08.93~08.96 VCV11 Eng: 2.5L 4VZ-FE
08.96~07.01 MCV21 Eng: 2.5L 2MZ-FE
08.96~07.01 MCV20 Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
07.01~02.06 MCV30 Eng: 3.0L 1MZ-FE
Toyota Yaris/Echo Verso
10.01~09.05 NLP20 Eng: 1.4L 1ND-TV
10.01~09.05 NLP22 Eng: 1.4L 1ND-TV

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