90915-TD004-2 Oil Filter

SKU: 90915-TD004-2 Categories: , ,
SKU: 90915-TD004-2 Categories: , ,


  • Height 133
  • ? Out 93
  • Thread 3/4″x16 UNF
  • Structure Material Metal
  • O-Ring gasket 65×72 rnd
  • Valves 1.0 bar/1
  • type Full Flow
  • Location Eng.Lub.Sys 2L/3L

Oe code

  • HIACE 89′-04′ LH113
  • Hilux 88′-97′ LN106


  • Toyota


90915-TD004-2 Oil Filter

09.84~08.88 V79 Eng: 3.4L 13B
09.84~08.88 V75 Eng: 3.4L 13B
09.84~05.95 V98 Eng: 3.0L B
05.95~05.99 BU105N Eng: 3.4L 3B
12.05~ V116LHU Eng: 3.7L 14B
12.05~ V118L LHD Eng: 3.7L 14B
FORD Territory
01.04~12.11 TX Eng: 4.0L
01.97~07.99 BB40M Eng: 3.4L 3B
10.79~05.95 HV# Eng: 3.0L 3B
06.95~05.99 BU100 Eng: 3.4L 3B
Toyota 4 Runner
01.89~12.95 LN130L Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.89~11.95 LN130R Eng: 2.8L 3L
Toyota Blizzard
05.84~11.89 LD20 Eng: 2.4L 2L
Toyota Century
10.82~01.97 VG40 Eng: 4.0L 5V-EU
09.90~01.97 VG45 Eng: 4.0L 5V-EU
Toyota Chaser
08.84~08.88 LX70 Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.84~08.88 LX70 Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
08.84~08.88 LX70Y Eng: 2.4L 2L
Toyota Coaster
01.83~08.88 BB22 Eng: 3.4L 13B
02.83~01.93 BB31 Eng: 3.4L 3B
02.83~01.93 BB21 Eng: 3.4L 3B
08.84~08.88 BB36V Eng: 3.4L 3B
08.84~01.93 BB26V Eng: 3.4L 3B
01.93~07.99 BB46V Eng: 3.4L 3B
01.93~07.99 BB40 Eng: 3.4L 3B
05.95~01.96 BB41 Eng: 3.4L 3B
Toyota Cresta
08.84~08.88 LX70 Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.84~08.88 LX70 Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
08.84~08.88 LX70Y Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.84~08.88 LX76V Eng: 2.4L 2L
Toyota Crown
08.83~08.87 LS120 Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.83~08.87 LS126V Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.83~08.87 LS120G Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
08.84~08.87 LS120G Eng: 2.4L 2L-THE
09.87~09.94 LS136V Eng: 2.4L 2L
Toyota Dyna
09.84~08.87 BU63RD Eng: 3.0L B
09.84~08.88 BU80 Eng: 3.0L B
09.84~08.88 BU64 Eng: 3.4L 13B
09.84~08.88 BU85V Eng: 3.4L 13B
09.84~08.88 BU62 Eng: 3.4L 13B
09.84~08.88 BU82 Eng: 3.4L 13B
09.84~08.88 BU62D Eng: 3.4L 13B
09.84~08.88 BU64D Eng: 3.4L 13B
09.84~10.89 BU95 Eng: 3.4L 13B-T
09.84~10.89 BU85 Eng: 3.4L 13B
09.84~10.89 BU85 Eng: 3.4L 13B-T
09.84~10.89 BU90 Eng: 3.4L 13B-T
09.84~05.95 BU70VH Eng: 3.0L B
09.84~06.96 BU70V Eng: 3.0L B
01.85~08.88 BU81 Eng: 3.0L 11B
01.85~08.88 BU81R Eng: 3.0L 11B
01.85~08.98 BU61 Eng: 3.0L 11B
08.85~08.88 LY60 Eng: 2.4L 2L
10.85~08.87 BU77 Eng: 3.4L 13B
10.85~08.88 BU98 Eng: 3.4L 13B
11.85~05.95 LY51 Eng: 2.8L 3L
01.86~01.96 LY61 Eng: 2.8L 3L
03.86~08.88 BU93 Eng: 3.4L 13B
08.87~05.95 LY50 Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.88~09.93 BU83 Eng: 3.0L B
08.88~05.95 BU60 Eng: 3.0L B
05.95~05.99 LY201 Eng: 2.8L 3L
05.95~05.99 BU100 Eng: 3.4L 3B
05.95~05.99 BU100A Eng: 3.4L 3B
05.95~05.99 LY111 Eng: 2.8L 3L
05.95~05.99 BU120V Eng: 3.4L 3B
05.95~08.99 BU140 Eng: 3.4L 3B
10.96~05.99 LY121 Eng: 2.8L 3L
10.96~05.99 LY101 Eng: 2.8L 3L
10.96~05.99 LY131 Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.97~05.99 BU105 Eng: 3.4L 3B
Toyota Dyna 150
01.95~01.01 LY211R Eng: 2.8L 3L
Toyota DYNA 150/TOYOACE G15
05.95~05.99 LY211 Eng: 2.8L 3L
10.96~05.99 LY151 Eng: 2.8L 3L
10.96~05.99 LY161 Eng: 2.8L 3L
Toyota Dyna 200
01.95~12.01 BU140L Eng: 3.4L 3B
Toyota Dyna 200 Toyoace G25
08.97~05.99 BU145 Eng: 3.4L 3B
Toyota Fortuner
01.05~11.13 LAN50L Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
05.06~11.13 LAN50R Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
Toyota Hiace
01.84~08.89 LH51G Eng: 2.4L 2L#
01.84~08.89 LH51V Eng: 2.4L 2L
01.84~08.89 LH61G Eng: 2.4L 2L
01.84~08.89 LH61V Eng: 2.4L 2L
01.84~08.89 LH71V Eng: 2.4L 2L
01.84~08.89 LH61B Eng: 2.4L 2L
01.84~08.89 LH61VH Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.85~08.89 LH51G Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
08.85~01.97 LH80 Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.86~08.89 LH56V Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.86~08.89 LH66V Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.87~05.95 LH85 Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.89~08.93 LH102V Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.89~07.99 LH119V Eng: 2.8L 3L
09.91~05.95 LH90 Eng: 2.4L 2L
09.91~05.95 LH95 Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.93~08.99 LH103V Eng: 2.8L 3L
01.95~01.96 LY111 Eng: 2.8L 3L
01.95~10.96 LY151 Eng: 2.8L 3L
04.95~10.96 LY161 Eng: 2.8L 3L
05.95~01.96 LY101 Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.95~08.01 RCH12L Eng: 2.4L 2RZ-E
01.05~01.05 LH202 Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
01.13~ LH212 Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
Toyota Hiace Commuter
01.84~08.89 LH70V Eng: 2.2L L
01.84~08.89 LH71B Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.89~07.99 LH103L Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.89~01.00 LH115R Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.89~01.00 LH115B Eng: 2.8L 3L
Toyota Hiace Regius
08.86~08.98 LH123V Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.89~08.98 LH125B Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.89~07.99 LH113V Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.89~08.99 LH109V Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.93~08.98 LH129V Eng: 2.8L 3L
Toyota Hiace Van
08.89~09.05 LH113R Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.89~02.06 LH112R Eng: 2.4L 2L
Toyota Hilux
08.83~08.88 LN56 Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.83~03.89 LN56L Eng: 2.4L 2L
11.83~08.88 LN60 Eng: 2.4L 2L
11.83~08.88 LN65 Eng: 2.4L 2L
01.84~12.98 LN51 Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.85~09.88 LN41 Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.85~03.89 LN61V Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.85~03.89 LN61V Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
08.88~06.98 LN80 Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.88~09.99 LN106R Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.88~09.99 LN85 Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.88~09.99 LN106L Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.88~09.99 LN85L Eng: 2.4L 2L
09.88~08.94 LN100 Eng: 2.8L 3L
09.88~08.97 LN106 Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.90~08.97 LN81 Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.90~06.01 LN86 Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.90~06.01 LN86R Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.91~08.97 LN107 Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.94~08.97 LN109 Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.95~07.98 LN57 Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.95~07.98 LN67 Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.97~03.06 LN166R Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.97~03.06 LN172R Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
08.97~03.06 LN166L Eng: 2.8L 3L
04.01~08.11 LAN25R Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
08.04~07.11 LAN15L Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
07.05~12.15 LAN25L Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
08.11~10.13 LAN25R Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
Toyota Hilux Surf
04.89~08.93 LN131V Eng: 2.8L 3L
Toyota Land Cruiser
01.60~01.01 FJ43 Eng: 3.9L F
01.60~01.01 BJ41V Eng: 3.2L 2B
01.60~01.01 FJ45 Eng: 3.9L F
01.60~01.01 BJ43 Eng: 3.0L B
01.60~01.01 BJ44 Eng: 3.0L 2B
01.60~01.01 BJ46 Eng: 3.4L 3B
03.69~09.75 FJ40 Eng: 3.9L F
02.74~02.79 BJ40 Eng: 3.0L B
01.79~01.07 BJ45 Eng: 3.4L 3B
08.80~10.84 BJ42 Eng: 3.4L 3B
08.80~09.87 FJ62V Eng: 4.0L 3F
08.80~12.92 BJ60V Eng: 3.4L 3B
01.81~12.92 BJ60RG Eng: 3.4L 3B
10.82~11.84 FJ61V Eng: 4.2L 2F
04.84~02.94 BJ75 Eng: 3.4L 3B
11.84~01.90 BJ75LP Eng: 3.4L 3B
11.84~02.92 BJ74V Eng: 3.4L 13B-T
01.85~12.92 FJ75 Eng: 4.0L 3F
10.85~01.90 BJ71V Eng: 3.4L 13B-T
10.85~02.90 BJ74RV Eng: 3.4L 13B-T
08.87~01.90 FJ62LG Eng: 4.0L 3F
08.88~01.90 FJ62G Eng: 4.0L 3F-E
01.90~09.92 FJ80G Eng: 4.0L 3F-E
01.90~09.92 FJ80L Eng: 4.0L 3F-E
01.90~09.92 FJ80R Eng: 4.0L 3F-E
01.90~12.96 LJ79RV Eng: 2.8L 3L
01.90~01.98 FZJ80 Eng: 4.5L 1FZ-FE
01.90~07.09 FZJ71 Eng: 4.5L 1FZ-FE
01.90~07.09 FZJ74 Eng: 4.5L 1FZ-FE
01.90~07.09 FZJ78 Eng: 4.5L 1FZ-FE
01.92~01.98 FZJ80R Eng: 4.5L 1FZ-F#
01.92~12.06 FZJ80L Eng: 4.5L 1FZ-F#
08.92~10.96 FZJ70 Eng: 4.5L 1FZ-FE
08.92~10.96 FZJ73 Eng: 4.5L 1FZ-FE
08.92~10.96 FZJ75 Eng: 4.5L 1FZ-FE
08.98~07.09 FZJ79L Eng: 4.5L 1FZ-FE
Toyota Land Cruiser 100
01.98~09.07 FZJ105L Eng: 4.5L 1FZ-FE
01.98~09.07 FZJ105R Eng: 4.5L 1FZ-FE
01.98~09.07 FZJ100 Eng: 4.5L 1FZ-FE
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
11.84~01.90 BJ70 Eng: 3.4L 3B
11.84~01.90 BJ73V Eng: 3.4L 3B
11.84~01.90 BJ70V Eng: 3.4L 3B
10.85~01.90 LJ71G Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
04.96~10.02 LJ90L Eng: 2.8L 3L
04.96~08.20 LJ95 Eng: 2.8L 3L
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120
09.02~08.09 LJ120L Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
09.02~08.09 LJ125 Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
09.02~08.09 LJ120R Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150
08.09~ LJ150 Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
Toyota Mark II
08.84~08.88 LX70 Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.84~08.88 LX70Y Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.84~08.88 LX70 Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
11.84~09.94 LX76V Eng: 2.4L 2L
Toyota Quick Delivery
05.95~05.99 LY151 Eng: 2.8L 3L
Toyota Quick Delivery 100-200
05.95~05.99 LH81VH Eng: 2.8L 3L
05.95~08.99 BU68VH Eng: 3.4L 3B
Toyota Townace
11.87~10.91 LH85 Eng: 2.4L 2L
Toyota Toyo Ace Truck
09.84~08.88 , Eng: 3.0L B
10.89~05.95 BU68D Eng: 3.4L 3B

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