90915-30002-8T-2 Oil Filter

SKU: 90915-30002-8T-2 Categories: , ,
SKU: 90915-30002-8T-2 Categories: , ,


  • Height 120
  • ? Out 98.9
  • Thread M24x1.5
  • Structure Material Metal
  • O-Ring gasket 71×78.5 rnd
  • Valves 1.0 bar/1
  • type Twin type with rolling element
  • Location Eng.Lub.Sys 1HZ/1HDT

Oe code


  • Toyota


90915-30002-8T-2 Oil Filter

08.88~05.95 V115 Eng: 3.7L 14B
08.88~05.95 V118 Eng: 3.7L 14B
08.88~05.95 V116 JPN Eng: 3.7L 14B
05.95~05.99 BU100# Eng: 3.4L 15B-F
05.95~05.99 BU102# Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.95~05.99 BU162# Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.95~05.99 BU112# Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.95~05.99 BU142N Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.95~05.99 BU172N Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.95~05.99 BU212N Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
10.96~05.99 BU107N Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.99~06.03 BU346 Eng: 3.7L 4B
05.99~06.03 BU301 Eng: 3.7L 4B
05.99~06.03 BU306 Eng: 3.7L 4B
08.99~06.04 BU420 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FTE
10.96~05.99 BU147N Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
10.96~05.99 BU222N Eng: 4.1L 15B-F#
FORD Ranger
06.98~07.03 ER Eng: 2.5L WL-T
06.02~10.07 EQ Eng: 2.5L 2.5 Diesel TI (HP)
06.02~10.07 EQ Eng: 2.9L 2.9L SOHC NA I4
06.96~ HZB50M Eng: 4.2L 1HZ
06.96~07.99 HDB50M Eng: 4.2L 1HD-FT
06.96~07.99 HDB51M Eng: 4.2L 1HD-FT
05.97~ HZB40M Eng: 4.2L 1HZ
05.97~ HZB41M Eng: 4.2L 1HZ
05.97~07.99 BB55M Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.99~08.04 BB58M Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
06.99~ HDB50M Eng: 4.2L 1HD-FTE
06.99~ HDB51M Eng: 4.2L 1HD-FTE
06.99~08.04 BB58M Eng: 4.1L 15B-FTE
08.04~ BZB40M Eng: 4.1L 1BZ-FPE
05.99~07.01 BU306M Eng: 3.7L 4B
05.99~07.01 BU400M Eng: 4.1L 15B-FTE
05.99~07.01 BU410M Eng: 4.1L 15B-FTE
05.99~07.01 BU420M Eng: 4.1L 15B-FTE
05.99~07.01 BU426M Eng: 4.1L 15B-FTE
05.99~07.01 BU430M Eng: 4.1L 15B-FTE
05.99~07.01 BU301Y Eng: 3.7L 4B
05.99~06.04 BU346M Eng: 3.7L 4B
05.99~07.05 BU301M Eng: 3.7L 4B
05.99~07.05 BU301X Eng: 3.7L 4B
05.00~12.02 XZU301X Eng: 4.1L 15B-FP
05.00~12.02 XZU301E Eng: 4.1L 15B-FP
05.00~12.02 XZU341M Eng: 4.1L 15B-FP
10.00~ XZU302M Eng: 4.1L 15B-FNE
10.00~ XZU302T Eng: 4.1L 15B-FNE
10.00~ XZU302X Eng: 4.1L 15B-FNE
11.00~ XZU412M Eng: 4.1L 15B-FNE
08.01~ XZU342M Eng: 4.1L 15B-FNE
08.01~12.02 XZU302M Eng: 4.1L 15B-FP
08.01~12.02 XZU342M Eng: 4.1L 15B-FP
08.01~12.02 XZU302T Eng: 4.1L 15B-FP
08.01~12.02 XZU302X Eng: 4.1L 15B-FP
06.02~ XZU412M Eng: 4.1L 15B-FP
06.03~05.07 BZU410M Eng: 4.1L 1BZ-FPE
06.03~05.07 BZU340M Eng: 4.1L 1BZ-FPE
06.03~07.11 BZU300M Eng: 4.1L 1BZ-FPE
05.07~07.11 BZU300X Eng: 4.1L 1BZ-FPE
07.11~ BZU600M Eng: 4.1L 1BZ-FPE
08.07~ BZB40M Eng: 4.1L 1BZ-FPE
08.07~ BZB50M Eng: 4.1L 1BZ-FPE
08.88~05.95 HV115 Eng: 3.7L 14B
08.88~05.95 HV116 Eng: 3.7L 14B
08.88~05.95 HV118 Eng: 3.7L 14B
08.88~05.95 HV119 Eng: 3.7L 14B
05.95~05.99 BU100 Eng: 4.1L 15B
05.95~05.99 BU102 Eng: 4.1L 15B
05.95~05.99 BU105 Eng: 4.1L 15B
05.95~05.99 BU107 Eng: 4.1L 15B
05.95~05.99 BU112 Eng: 4.1L 15B
05.95~05.99 BU132 Eng: 4.1L 15B
05.95~05.99 BU142 Eng: 4.1L 15B
05.95~05.99 BU162 Eng: 4.1L 15B
10.96~05.99 BU100 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FT
10.96~05.99 BU102 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FT
10.96~05.99 BU105 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FT
10.96~05.99 BU107 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FT
10.96~05.99 BU112 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FT
10.96~05.99 BU132 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FT
10.96~05.99 BU142 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FT
10.96~05.99 BU162 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FT
05.99~12.01 RZU100E Eng: 4.1L 15B-FP
05.99~12.01 RZU100X Eng: 4.1L 15B-FP
02.99~01.06 ALUA05 Eng: 2.9L W9
02.99~08.02 AUEA4 Eng: 2.5L WL
Toyota 4 Runner
08.93~11.95 KZN130L Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-T
11.95~12.02 KZN185L Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-T
08.01~12.04 KZN205L Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
11.02~09.05 KZN215L Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
Toyota Avensis
01.97~12.03 CDT220L Eng: 2.0L 1CD-FTV
Toyota Blizzard
05.84~11.89 LD20 Eng: 2.4L 2L Turbo
Toyota Chaser
08.84~08.88 LX70 Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.84~08.88 LX70 Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
08.84~08.88 LX70Y Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.88~10.92 LX80 Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.88~10.92 LX80 Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
08.88~02.93 LX80Y Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.88~02.93 LX80Y Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
10.92~09.96 LX90 Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
09.96~08.99 LX100 Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
Toyota Coaster
08.88~01.93 BB24 Eng: 3.7L 14B
08.88~01.93 BB23 Eng: 3.7L 14B
01.90~01.93 HDB20 Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.90~01.93 HZB36V Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.90~01.93 HDB30 Eng: 4.2L 1HD-T
01.90~01.93 HZB31 Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.90~01.93 HDB31 Eng: 4.2L 1HD-T
01.90~01.93 HZB30 Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.93~05.95 HDB50 Eng: 4.2L 1HD-T
01.93~08.04 HDB51 Eng: 4.2L 1HD-T
01.93~08.04 HZB41 Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.93~08.04 HZB46V Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.93~08.04 HZB56V Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.93~01.05 HZB50L Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.93~03.05 BB58 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FTE
01.93~08.06 BB50R Eng: 4.1L 15B-FTE
01.93~08.06 BB50L Eng: 4.1L 15B-FTE
01.93~08.08 HZB40 Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.93~12.16 HZB50R Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
05.95~05.99 HDB50 Eng: 4.2L 1HD-FT
05.95~05.99 HDB51 Eng: 4.2L 1HD-FT
12.95~07.99 BB55 Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.97~08.04 BB58 Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.99~09.02 BU301 Eng: 3.7L 4B
06.99~08.04 HDB50 Eng: 4.2L 1HD-FTE
06.99~08.04 HDB51 Eng: 4.2L 1HD-FTE
03.02~12.16 BZB40 Eng: 4.1L 1BZ-FPE
03.02~12.16 BZB50 Eng: 4.1L 1BZ-FPE
01.17~ HZB70L Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.17~ HZB60R Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
Toyota Cresta
08.84~08.88 LX70 Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.84~08.88 LX70 Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
08.84~08.88 LX70Y Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.88~02.93 LX80 Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
08.88~02.93 LX80Y Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.88~02.93 LX80Y Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
08.88~08.93 LX80 Eng: 2.4L 2L
01.92~09.96 LX90 Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
09.96~08.99 LX100 Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
Toyota Crown
08.89~10.91 LS131 Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
08.89~10.91 LS131 Eng: 2.4L 2L-THE
01.91~12.95 LS141 Eng: 2.4L 2L-THE
10.91~08.93 LS131H Eng: 2.4L 2L-THE
08.93~09.95 LS131H Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
08.93~04.99 LS130W Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
08.95~09.99 LS151H Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
12.95~09.99 LS151 Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
Toyota Crown Comfort
01.95~06.07 YXS10AE Eng: 2.0L 3Y-PE
01.95~06.07 LXS11 Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
12.95~08.99 LXS11 Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
01.96~01.98 LXS10 Eng: 2.4L 2L
02.98~08.01 LXS12 Eng: 3.0L 5L
Toyota Dyna
01.88~12.95 BU88 Eng: 3.7L 14B
01.88~12.95 BU91 Eng: 3.7L 14B-T
08.88~05.95 BU84 Eng: 3.0L 11B
08.88~05.95 BU66 Eng: 3.7L 14B
08.88~05.95 BU87 Eng: 3.7L 14B
08.88~05.95 BU91 Eng: 3.7L 14B
08.88~05.95 BU67 Eng: 3.7L 14B
08.88~05.95 BU94 Eng: 3.7L 14B
08.88~05.95 BU96 Eng: 3.7L 14B
08.88~05.95 BU87V Eng: 3.7L 14B
08.88~11.98 BU66D Eng: 3.7L 14B
08.88~11.98 BU67D Eng: 3.7L 14B
10.89~10.92 BU72H Eng: 3.7L 14B
10.89~05.95 BU72 Eng: 3.7L 14B
10.89~05.95 BU72DH Eng: 3.7L 14B
10.89~05.95 BU74 Eng: 3.7L 14B
10.89~05.95 BU78 Eng: 3.7L 14B
10.89~05.95 BU88 Eng: 3.7L 14B-T
10.89~05.95 BU72D Eng: 3.7L 14B
05.90~05.95 BU73 Eng: 3.7L 14B
08.90~05.95 BU94 Eng: 3.7L 14B-T
05.95~05.99 BU102 Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.95~05.99 BU102D Eng: 4.1L 15BF
05.95~05.99 BU132 Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.95~05.99 BU212 Eng: 4.1L 15B-F#
05.95~05.99 BU102A Eng: 4.1L 15B-F#
05.95~05.99 BU212K Eng: 4.1L 15B-FT
05.95~05.99 BU122V Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.95~05.00 BU1_7 Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
10.96~05.99 BU137 Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
08.97~05.99 BU107 Eng: 4.1L 15BF
05.99~07.01 LY102 Eng: 3.0L 5L
05.99~07.01 LY122 Eng: 3.0L 5L
05.99~07.01 LY152 Eng: 3.0L 5L
05.99~07.01 LY162 Eng: 3.0L 5L
05.99~07.01 LY212 Eng: 3.0L 5L
05.99~07.01 LY132 Eng: 3.0L 5L
05.99~07.01 LY112 Eng: 3.0L 5L
05.99~06.04 BU306 Eng: 3.7L 4B
05.99~06.04 BU301 Eng: 3.7L 4B
05.99~06.04 BU410 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FTE
05.99~06.04 BU430 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FTE
05.99~06.04 BU346 Eng: 3.7L 4B
05.99~06.04 BU420 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FTE
05.99~06.04 BU306V Eng: 3.7L 4B
05.99~05.07 BU400 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FTE
10.00~06.04 XZU301A Eng: 4.1L 15BCNG
06.01~08.04 LY230 Eng: 3.0L 5L
07.01~08.04 LY280 Eng: 3.0L 5L
07.01~08.04 LY240V Eng: 3.0L 5L
07.01~08.04 LY220 Eng: 3.0L 5L
07.01~08.04 LY270 Eng: 3.0L 5L
07.01~08.04 LY290V Eng: 3.0L 5L
06.03~02.07 BZU300 Eng: 4.1L 1BZFPE
06.03~05.07 BZU410 Eng: 4.1L 1BZ-FNE
06.03~05.07 BZU410 Eng: 4.1L 1BZ-FPE
06.03~06.11 BZU300 Eng: 4.1L 1BZFPE
06.03~06.11 BZU300A Eng: 4.1L 1BZ-FNE
06.03~06.11 BZU340 Eng: 4.1L 1BZ-FNE
06.03~07.11 BZU300A Eng: 4.1L 1BZ-FPE
07.11~ BZU600 Eng: 4.1L 1BZ-FPE
Toyota Dyna 150
01.95~10.01 LY212R Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
07.01~ LY235R Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
07.01~ LY235L Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
Toyota DYNA 150/TOYOACE G15
05.95~05.99 BU112D Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.95~05.99 BU112A Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
Toyota Dyna 200
08.88~05.95 BU66R Eng: 3.7L 14B
Toyota Dyna 200 Toyoace G25
05.95~05.99 BU162 Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.95~05.99 BU162A Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.95~05.99 BU182 Eng: 4.1L 15BF
05.95~05.99 BU142 Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.95~05.99 BU202 Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.95~05.99 BU172 Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.95~05.99 BU222 Eng: 4.1L 15B-F#
05.95~05.99 BU162D Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
10.96~05.99 BU147 Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
01.97~05.99 BU297 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FT
05.97~05.99 BU142 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FP
Toyota Granvia Grand Hiace
08.95~07.99 KCH12K Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
10.95~05.02 KCH16W Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
08.96~05.02 KCH10W Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
Toyota Hiace
01.84~08.89 LH51G Eng: 2.4L 2L#
01.84~08.89 LH61G Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.85~08.89 LH51G Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
08.87~08.89 LH71G Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.89~10.90 LH100G Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
08.89~08.93 LH100G Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.89~08.04 KZH138V Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
08.94~08.98 LH3V Eng: 2.8L 3L
04.95~08.04 LH178V Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
08.95~08.01 LXH12L Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
08.95~08.04 KZH132V Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
03.97~08.01 LXH22 Eng: 2.4L 2L
Toyota Hiace Commuter
08.89~02.06 LH174R Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
08.98~08.04 LH172R Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
08.98~08.04 LH186B Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
Toyota Hiace Regius
01.89~01.04 LH100G Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
08.89~10.90 LH120G Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
08.89~08.93 LH110G Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.89~08.93 LH107 Eng: 2.8L 3L
10.90~08.93 LH140G Eng: 2.4L 2L
10.90~08.93 LH120G Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
10.90~08.93 LH117G Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.93~08.99 KZH126G Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
08.93~08.04 KZH100G Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
08.93~08.04 KZH110G Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
08.93~08.04 KZH120G Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
08.93~08.04 KZH106 Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
08.93~08.04 KZH116G Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
04.95~01.05 LH168V Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
08.98~08.04 LH182K Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
08.98~08.04 LH162R Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
08.98~08.04 LH188K Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
08.98~08.04 LH184B Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
08.98~08.04 LH162V Eng: 3.0L 5L
02.99~07.99 LH186B Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
08.04~08.07 KDH200V Eng: 2.5L 2KD-FTV
Toyota Hiace Regius Touring
04.97~07.99 KCH40G Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
04.97~09.99 KCH46G Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
04.97~05.02 KCH40W Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
04.97~05.02 KCH46W Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
04.97~08.04 LXH43V Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
06.97~05.02 LXH49V Eng: 3.0L 5L
Toyota Hilux
01.88~12.97 LN105 Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.88~08.97 LN110L Eng: 2.4L 2L
09.88~08.97 LN106 Eng: 2.8L 3L
06.89~06.97 LH85 Eng: 2.4L 2L
06.89~06.97 LH90 Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.91~08.97 LN108 Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
08.93~11.95 KZN130W Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
08.94~08.97 LN109 Eng: 2.8L 3L
08.95~08.97 LN112 Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
08.97~08.99 LN165 Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
08.97~08.99 LN170H Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
08.97~08.01 LN165L Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
08.97~12.03 LN165R Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
08.97~07.04 LN167 Eng: 3.0L 5L
08.97~03.06 LN145 Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.97~03.06 LN147 Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
08.97~03.06 KZN165R Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
08.97~03.06 KZN190 Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
11.97~08.01 LN170L Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
11.97~07.04 LN172H Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
08.05~ KUN16 Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
Toyota Hilux Surf
01.90~08.93 LN130G Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
08.91~08.93 LN130W Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
08.93~11.95 KZN130G Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
11.95~08.00 KZN185W Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
08.00~11.02 KDN185G Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
08.00~11.02 KDN185W Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
11.02~08.05 KDN215W Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
Toyota Land Cruiser
01.85~12.96 LJ77L Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
10.85~09.96 LJ73LV Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
01.90~01.94 PZJ70V Eng: 3.5L 1PZ
01.90~01.98 HZJ81 Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.90~01.98 HZJ80L Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.90~08.98 HDJ80L Eng: 4.2L 1HD-#T
01.90~08.98 HDJ81V Eng: 4.2L 1HD-T
01.90~08.99 HZJ73HV Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.90~01.01 HZJ80R Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.90~03.01 HDJ80R Eng: 4.2L 1HD-#T
01.90~12.01 HZJ73V Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.90~01.04 HZJ75LV Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.90~01.07 HZJ75 Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.90~01.07 PZJ70 Eng: 3.5L 1PZ
01.90~01.07 HZJ71V Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.90~01.07 HZJ79 Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
04.90~01.94 PZJ77V Eng: 3.5L 1PZ
04.90~01.94 PZI77HV Eng: 3.5L 1PZ
04.90~08.99 HZJ75RV Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
04.90~08.99 HZJ77HV Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
08.90~01.04 HZJ74V Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.94~08.99 HZJ70 Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.94~08.99 HZJ70V Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.95~08.99 HZJ77V Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
08.98~ HZJ78R Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
08.99~ HZJ71V Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
08.99~08.04 HZJ71V Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
08.99~08.04 HZJ74 Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
08.99~08.04 HZJ76K Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
08.99~08.04 HZJ76V Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
08.99~09.17 HZJ79L Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.07~ HZJ76L Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
01.07~ VDJ70 Eng: 4.5L 1VD-FTV
Toyota Land Cruiser 100
01.98~08.02 HDJ100R Eng: 4.2L 1HD-T
01.98~08.07 HDJ101K Eng: 4.2L 1HD-FT
01.98~09.07 HDJ100L Eng: 4.2L 1HD-FTE
01.98~09.07 HZJ105 Eng: 4.2L 1H-Z
08.00~08.07 HDJ100R Eng: 4.2L 1HD-FTE
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
11.84~12.96 LJ70 Eng: 2.4L 2LT
10.85~01.90 LJ71G Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
01.90~01.94 PZJ70 Eng: 3.5L 1PZ
01.90~05.96 LJ78W Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
04.90~05.93 LJ78G Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
04.90~05.93 LJ71G Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
05.93~04.96 KZJ71G Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
05.93~04.96 KZJ78W Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
05.93~05.96 KZJ70LV Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-T
04.95~11.02 KZJ95W Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
04.96~08.00 KZJ90W Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
04.96~08.00 KZJ90R Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
04.96~09.02 KZJ95L Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
04.96~10.02 KZJ90L Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
04.96~11.02 KDJ90L Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
08.00~09.02 KDJ95L Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
08.00~11.02 KDJ95W Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
08.00~11.02 KDJ90W Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
08.02~09.02 KDJ95R Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120
09.02~08.09 KDJ120L Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
09.02~08.09 KZJ120R Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
09.02~08.09 KZJ120L Eng: 3.0L 1KZ-TE
11.02~08.09 KDJ120W Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
08.04~08.09 KDJ120R Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150
08.09~08.17 KDJ150R Eng: 3.0L 1KD-FTV
Toyota Mark II
08.84~08.88 LX70 Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.84~08.88 LX70Y Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.84~08.88 LX70 Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
08.88~02.93 LX80Y Eng: 2.4L 2L
08.88~02.93 LX80 Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
08.88~02.93 LX80Y Eng: 2.4L 2L-T
08.88~08.93 LX80 Eng: 2.4L 2L
10.92~09.96 LX90 Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
09.96~08.99 LX100 Eng: 2.4L 2L-TE
Toyota Megacruiser
01.96~10.01 BXD20V Eng: 4.1L 15B-FTE
Toyota Qualis
01.99~01.05 LF50 Eng: 2.4L 2L
Toyota Quick Delivery
08.99~06.04 BU280K Eng: 3.7L 4B
03.00~06.04 BU281K Eng: 3.7L 4B
08.01~07.04 LY228K Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
Toyota Quick Delivery 100-200
08.99~07.01 LY152 Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
08.99~08.01 LH82K Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
08.99~08.01 LH100K Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
08.99~06.04 BU200 Eng: 3.7L 4B
Toyota Toyo Ace Truck
05.95~10.97 BU5B Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.95~10.97 FB5B Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.95~05.99 BU102 Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.95~05.99 BU102H Eng: 4.1L 15B-F
05.99~05.00 RZU100A Eng: 4.1L 15B-FP
05.99~05.00 RZU100H Eng: 4.1L 15B-FP
05.99~07.01 LY162 Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
10.00~06.04 XZU302 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FNE
11.00~06.02 XZU412 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FNE
06.01~08.04 LY240V Eng: 3.0L 5L-E
08.01~12.02 XZU342 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FP
08.01~12.02 XZU302 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FP
08.01~06.04 XZU342 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FNE
05.02~06.04 XZU341 Eng: 4.1L 15B-FP
07.11~ BZU600A Eng: 4.1L 1BZ-FPE
02.89~03.97 7A__B_ Eng: 2.4L 2L

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