48570-3S525-2 Tie Rod End LH

SKU: 48570-3S525-2 Categories: , ,
SKU: 48570-3S525-2 Categories: , ,


Mounting Length (mm): 94
Thread (in/out) M14x1.5 RHT
Thread (Cone out) M14x1.50
Cone Size ?(mm) 5
Cone Pitch: 1:6
Overall Height (mm): 85
Mounting Height (mm): 44.5
Full Lenght (mm): 114
Location Steering system
Position INN Left/Right HARDBODY 97′- D22

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48570-3S525-2 Tie Rod End LH

NISSAN Datsun Truck
01.97~06.99 FMD22 Eng: 2.4L KA24E
NISSAN frontier
01.00~09.08 D22B Eng: 3.2L QD32
08.98~09.04 D22U Eng: 3.3L VG33E
11.05~08.08 D22B Eng: 2.4L KA24DE
12.08~ LCD22T Eng: 2.5L YD25DDTI
11.01~03.12 D22 Eng: 3.0L ZD30DDT
NISSAN king Cab
11.01~11.11 D22 LHD Eng: 2.5L YD25DDTI
05.98~11.01 D22 Eng: 2.5L TD25TI
NISSAN avara
03.02~12.13 D22 Eng: 2.5L YD25DDTI
02.97~03.12 D22 Eng: 3.2L QD32
NISSAN nissan Truck
02.97~03.12 D22 Eng: 3.2L QD32
11.01~03.12 D22 Eng: 2.5L YD25DDTI
10.09~08.18 D22SS Eng: 3.2L QD32
10.09~03.11 D22SS Eng: 3.0L ZD30
08.10~08.18 D22SS Eng: 2.5L YD25EFI
NISSAN pickup
01.97~12.04 D22 Eng: 2.0L NA20S
01.97~12.04 D22 Eng: 3.2L QD32
01.97~02.12 D22 Eng: 3.0L ZD30DDT
01.97~12.06 D22 Eng: 2.4L KA24DE
NISSAN terra
05.03~06.05 WD22B Eng: 2.8L WM28TI
05.99~01.05 WD22 Eng: 3.3L VG33E
06.05~08.08 WD22B Eng: 2.8L WM28DTI

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