444202 Shock Absorber FR

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SKU: 444202 Categories: ,


Location Front Shock/Spring
Position Left/Right

Oe code

Civilian 82′-99′ W40

KYB 344321
KYB 444202
KYB 444205
NISSAN 561000T002
NISSAN 56110-T8185
NISSAN 561100T002
NISSAN 56110S9000
NISSAN 56110S9001
NISSAN 56110S9025
NISSAN 56110S9026
NISSAN 56110S9051
NISSAN 56110S9901
NISSAN 56110S9926
NISSAN 56110S9951
NISSAN 56110T8123
NISSAN 56110T8124
NISSAN 56110T8129
NISSAN 56110T8155
NISSAN 56110T8156
NISSAN 56110T8184
NISSAN 56110T8401
NISSAN 56110T8426
NISSAN 56110T8451
NISSAN 56110T9001
NISSAN 56110T9026
NISSAN 56110T9051
NISSAN E6100-0T025


  • Sora


444202 Shock Absorber FR

NISSAN ? Atlas/Condor
10.91~08.95 G4H41 , Eng: 4.2L FD42
05.89~10.91 JH40 , Eng: 3.0L BD30
10.91~06.95 W2H41 , Eng: 3.0L BD30
12.81~06.90 MH40 , Eng: 3.3L ED33
11.86~10.91 SGH40 , Eng: 3.5L FD35
11.86~10.91 SH40 , Eng: 3.5L FD35
10.91~06.95 DG2H41 , Eng: 4.2L FD42

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