42072-AA200 Fuel Filter

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SKU: 42072-AA200 Categories: , , , ,


Height 125.5
Outer Diameter 70
Size B 8
Size A 8
Location Fuel Supply Sys

Oe code

  • FORESTER 97′-02′ SF5
  • IMPREZA 98′-00′ GF
  • LEGACY 98′-03′ BH5




42072-AA200 Fuel Filter

05.90~03.94 BCK Eng: 1.8L EJ18
05.90~03.94 CJ1 Eng: 2.0L EJ20
SUBARU Alcyone
07.91~06.97 CXW Eng: 3.3L EG33 SVX
09.91~01.98 CXD Eng: 3.3L EG33 SVX
07.02~06.06 B12 Eng: 2.5L EJ25
SUBARU Forester
01.97~05.02 SF5KJ RHD Eng: 2.0L EJ20J
02.97~08.98 SF5 JPN Eng: 2.0L EJ20G
08.98~01.00 SF5LR LHD Eng: 2.0L EJ202
08.98~06.02 SF9 Eng: 2.5L EJ254
08.98~06.02 SF5 Eng: 2.0L EJ205
01.00~06.02 SF5 JPN Eng: 2.0L EJ201
11.01~01.05 SG5 JPN Eng: 2.0L EJ202
11.01~05.05 SG6 US Eng: 2.5L EJ251
11.01~12.07 SG5 Eng: 2.0L EJ205 Turbo
11.01~01.08 SG5CK RHD Eng: 2.0L EJ205 Turbo
11.01~01.08 SG5L LHD Eng: 2.0L EJ201
11.01~01.08 SG5K RHD Eng: 2.0L EJ201
11.03~01.08 SG9 JPN Eng: 2.5L EJ255
11.04~12.07 SG5 Eng: 2.0L EJ203
07.10~11.12 SHJ Eng: 2.0L FB20W
SUBARU Impreza
05.92~07.00 GC8 Eng: 2.0L EJ20#
05.92~03.02 GC8K Eng: 2.0L EJ20#
11.92~10.94 GFA Eng: 1.8L EJ18E
11.92~09.96 GC6 Eng: 1.8L EJ18E
11.92~07.00 GF3 Eng: 1.6L EJ16E
11.92~08.00 GC1 Eng: 1.5L EJ15
11.92~08.00 GC4 Eng: 1.6L EJ16E
11.92~08.00 GF6 Eng: 1.8L EJ18
01.93~01.99 GC3 Eng: 1.6L EJ16
01.93~07.00 GF5 Eng: 1.8L EJ18
09.94~07.00 GF1 JPN Eng: 1.5L EJ15#
09.94~01.01 GF8 LHD Eng: 2.0L EJ20E
09.94~07.01 GF1 Eng: 1.5L EJ15
09.96~07.00 GF2 Eng: 1.5L EJ15
09.96~08.00 GC2 Eng: 1.5L EJ15#
01.00~01.08 G11 Eng: 1.6L EJ16
01.00~01.08 GG5 Eng: 1.6L EJ16
04.00~12.07 GD4 Eng: 1.6L EJ161
04.00~01.08 GD5 Eng: 1.6L EJ16
08.00~11.02 GG2 JPN Eng: 1.5L EJ152
08.00~12.05 GD9 Eng: 2.0L EJ20
08.00~07.07 GG3 JPN Eng: 1.5L EJ152
09.00~11.02 GGB Eng: 2.0L EJ207
11.02~06.05 GG2 JPN Eng: 1.5L EJ152
11.02~01.08 GDEK Eng: 2.5L EJ251
06.03~07.07 GD2 Eng: 1.5L EJ152
06.03~01.08 GD3 Eng: 1.5L EJ152
06.05~08.07 GD9 RHD Eng: 2.0L EJ201
06.05~01.08 GG2 JPN Eng: 1.5L EJ152
07.08~12.11 GE6 Eng: 2.0L EJ203 Anesis
09.98~10.00 GF8 Eng: 2.0L EJ207
02.00~04.07 GDA Eng: 2.0L EJ205
04.00~09.07 GDBK Eng: 2.0L EJ207
08.00~06.07 GDA JPN Eng: 2.0L EJ205
09.00~05.07 GDB JPN Eng: 2.0L EJ207
10.00~11.02 GGA RHD Eng: 2.0L EJ205
11.02~06.07 GGA JPN Eng: 2.0L EJ205
02.89~09.93 BFA Eng: 2.0L EJ20
02.89~10.93 BF4 Eng: 2.0L EJ20
02.89~12.94 BC2 Eng: 1.8L EJ18S
02.89~12.94 BF3 Eng: 1.8L EJ18
02.89~12.94 BC3 Eng: 1.8L EJ18S
02.89~12.94 BC4 Eng: 2.0L EJ20
02.89~12.94 BF5 Eng: 2.0L EJ20
05.89~11.93 BC5 Eng: 2.0L EJ20
05.89~12.94 BC6 Eng: 2.2L EJ22
01.90~12.94 BF7 Eng: 2.2L EJ22
01.90~12.94 BFB Eng: 2.2L EJ22
05.90~10.93 BCA Eng: 2.0L EJ20D
06.91~10.93 BF5 BRIGHTON Eng: 2.0L EJ20E
10.93~12.98 BG5 Eng: 2.0L EJ20
10.93~12.98 BD4 Eng: 2.0L EJ20
10.93~12.98 BG4 Eng: 2.0L EJ20
10.93~12.98 BGA Eng: 2.0L EJ20
10.93~12.98 BD5 Eng: 2.0L EJ20
10.93~12.98 BG7 Eng: 2.2L EJ22
10.93~12.98 BGB Eng: 2.2L EJ22
10.93~06.99 BG6 Eng: 2.5L EJ25D
01.94~12.98 BD9 Eng: 2.5L EJ25
01.94~12.98 BG9 Eng: 2.5L EJ25
01.94~12.98 BGC Eng: 2.5L EJ25
06.94~11.98 BG3 Eng: 1.8L EJ18
06.94~11.98 BD3 Eng: 1.8L EJ18E
06.94~12.98 BD2 Eng: 1.8L EJ18E
06.96~11.98 BG2 Eng: 1.8L EJ18
06.96~12.98 BD9 EU Eng: 2.5L EJ25D
11.98~04.03 BH9CK Eng: 2.5L EJ251
02.99~04.06 BH9AY US Eng: 2.5L EJ25#
05.00~04.03 BHE Eng: 3.0L EZ30 Lancaster
SUBARU Legacy Outback
05.00~03.04 BHE US Eng: 3.0L EZ30D

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