13502-30020 Camshaft Toyota 1KDFTV/2KDFTV



  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Fitting Position:Intake Side

Oe code

  • Toyota 13501-30020


  • SORA


13502-30020 Camshaft Toyota 1KDFTV/2KDFTV

  • Toyota Dyna, KDY221, KDY231, KDY241, KDY241V, KDY251, KDY261, KDY271, KDY281
  • Toyota Hiace, KDH201, KDH201K, KDH201V, KDH203, KDH206, KDH206K, KDH206V, KDH211, KDH211K, KDH213, KDH221, KDH221K, KDH223, KDH223L,
  • Toyota Hilux Surf, KDN185, KDN185W, KDN215, KDN215W
  • Toyota Hilux, KDN151, KDN166
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, KDJ120, KDJ120W, KDJ121, KDJ121W, KDJ125, KDJ125W, KDJ150, KDJ150L, ??KDJ155, KDJ90, KDJ90W, KDJ95, KDJ95W
  • Toyota Land Cruiser, KDJ90, KDJ95
  • Toyota Regius Ace, KDH201, KDH201K, KDH201V, KDH206, KDH206K, KDH206V, KDH211, KDH211K, KDH221, KDH221K, KDH223, KDH223B
  • Toyota ToyoAce, KDY221, KDY231, KDY241, KDY241V, KDY271, KDY281

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