13411-75900 Crankshaft Toyota 2RZ/1RZ



  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Length: 571mm
  • The Connecting Rod Diameter: 53mm
  • Center Height: 43mm
  • Main Shaft Diameter: 60mm

Oe code

  • Toyota 13401-75900
  • Toyota 13401-75010


  • SORA


13411-75900 Crankshaft Toyota 2RZ/1RZ

  • Toyota Dyna, RZY220, RZY230
  • Toyota Estima Emina, TCR10, TCR10G, TCR11, TCR11G, TCR20, TCR20G, TCR21, TCR21G
  • Toyota Estima Lucida, TCR10, TCR10G, TCR11, TCR11G, TCR20, TCR20G, TCR21, TCR21G
  • Toyota Estima,TCR10, TCR10W, TCR11, TCR11W, TCR20, TCR20W, TCR21, TCR21W
  • Toyota Hiace RCH12 RCH18 RCH22 RCH28 RZH100 RZH100G , RZH119, RZH122, RZH122V, RZH124, RZH125, RZH133, RZH135, RZH153, RZH155, RZH182, RZH182K, RZH183, RZH183K
  • Toyota Hilux, RZN142, RZN147, RZN148, RZN152, RZN167, RZN168, RZN173, RZN193
  • Toyota Mark II Wagon Qualis, RZF50
  • Toyota Previa,TCR10, TCR11, TCR20, TCR21
  • Toyota Regius Ace, RZH100, RZH101, RZH102, RZH102V, RZH110, RZH111, RZH112, RZH112K, RZH112V, RZH122, RZH124, RZH125, RZH133, RZH182, RZH182, RZH182, RZH182,
  • Toyota Regius, RCH42
  • Toyota TUV, RZF61, RZF71, RZF80, RZF81, RZF85
  • Toyota Tacoma, RZN140, RZN150
  • Toyota Touring Hiace, RCH42
  • Toyota ToyoAce, RZY220, RZY230

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