11101-30070A Cylinder Head Assembly Toyota 2KD-FTV

SKU: 11101-30070A Categories: , ,
SKU: 11101-30070A Categories: , ,


  • Supplementary Info :with?camshaft(s), with?valves, with?valve springs, with valve guides, valve seats and prechambers
  • Material:Aluminum Alloy

Oe code

  • Toyota 11101-30041
  • Toyota 11101-3004
  • Toyota 11101-30071
  • Toyota 11101-0L050
  • Toyota 11101-30070


  • SORA


11101-30070A Cylinder Head Assembly Toyota 2KD-FTV

  • Toyota Dyna, KDY220, KDY230, KDY240, KDY250, KDY260, KDY270, KDY280, KDY290
  • Toyota Fortuner, KUN165, KUN50, KUN60, KUN60L
  • Toyota Hiace, KDH200, KDH200K, KDH200V, KDH202, KDH202L, KDH205, KDH205V, KDH212, KDH212L, KDH220, KDH220K, KDH222, KDH222B, KDH222L, KDH225, KDH225K, KDH227, KDH227B, KLH12, KLH18, KLH22, KLH28, KDH201, KDH201K , KDH201V, DJ120
  • Toyota Hilux Surf, KDN185, KDN185W, KDN215, KDN215W
  • Toyota Hilux, KDN145, KDN150, KDN155, KDN165, KDN170, KDN190, KUN10, KUN112, KUN122, KUN125, KUN135, KUN15, KUN25, KUN35
  • Toyota Innova, KUN40
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, KDJ120W, KDJ121, KDJ121W, KDJ125, KDJ125W, KDJ150, KDJ150L, ??KDJ155, KDJ90, KDJ90W, KDJ95, KDJ95W
  • Toyota Regius Ace, KDH200, KDH200K, KDH200V, KDH205, KDH205V, KDH220, KDH220K, KDH222, KDH225, KDH225K, KDH227
  • Toyota ToyoAce, KDY220, KDY230, KDY240, KDY270, KDY280, KDY290

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