096400-1250 Rotor Head Toyota 2L/3L

SKU: 096400-1250 Categories: , ,
SKU: 096400-1250 Categories: , ,


  • Position: Fuel System

Oe code

  • Toyota 22140-54730


  • Denso


096400-1250 Rotor Head Toyota 2L/3L

  • Toyota 4Runner, LN106, LN107, LN111, LN130, LN135
  • Toyota Chaser, LX80
  • Toyota Cressida, LX80
  • Toyota Cresta, LX80
  • Toyota Crown, LS130, LS131, LS136
  • Toyota Dyna, LH80, LY100, LY211, LY50, LY51, LY61
  • Toyota Hiace, LH100, LH100G, LH102, LH102V, LH103, LH103V, LH104, LH105, LH107, LH107G, LH107W, LH108, LH109, LH109V, LH110, LH110G, LH115H, LH3V , LH118, LH119, LH119V, LH120, LH123, LH123V, LH125, LH129, LH129V, LH140, LH140G, LH80, LH85, LH90, LH95, LXH12, LXH22
  • Toyota Hilux, LN100, LN105, LN106, LN107, LN108, LN110, LN111, LN130, LN131, LN135, LN141, LN145, LN146, LN150, LN155, LN166, LN171, LN191, LN80
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, LJ90, LJ95
  • Toyota Land Cruiser LJ70 LJ72 LJ73 LJ77 LJ79 LJ79R LJ90 LJ95
  • Toyota Mark II, LX76, LX80, LX80Q
  • Toyota Regius Ace, LH100, LH102, LH103, LH107, LH109, LH110, LH113, LH115, LH117, LH119, LH120, LH123, LH125, LH129, LH140
  • Toyota TUV, LF60, LF70, LF80
  • Toyota ToyoAce, LY50, LY51, LY61

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